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Worldwide Hybrid Nano Mineral Water Base Coating.

Comparison Table 1

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NAE WOI KOREA Competitor Properties
Opaque Polymer NWKE 101 Ropaque ultra E APEO Free, Formaldehyde Free, Ammonia Odor Free
Thickener NW108 TT935 Medium Viscosity Low Foam Good Pigment Wetting
NW180 DR72 High Viscosity
NW310 TT615 Thixotropic Flow
NW206 DR73 Less Synthesis, Less Color Floating, Good Flow and Levelling, Less Roll Spatter, APEO Free
Poly Urethane Thickener NW3152N RM2020NPR High Shear, Excellent Flow Leveling and Film Build, Solvent Free
NWK3140 SCT-275 Low and Medium Shear Viscosity, Builder
NWK3175 RM825 Butyl Carbitol, Low Shear, Excellent Flow Leveling and Film Build
NWK3155 RM8W Nonionic, low VOC solvent-free interior/exterior paints
Dispersant Direx1124 Orotan1124 High-gloss Potential Broad formulating latitude Cost/performance balance
Direx901 Orotan901
Direx1255 Orotan1255
Direx4045 Orotan4045
Direx2731S Orotan731
Direx2725 CBD Carbon black disperse
ASE NW107(APEO FREE) ASE60 Thixotropic Thickener
Binder NW116 AC261 General Acrylic Binder
NWHG116 HG54D Waterbone anti-corrosion primer or top coat
Hollow Sphere NWKE110 HP91 HP1055 Paper Industry, FDA approved APEO Free, Formaldehyde Free
Acrylic Polymer Emulsion NW204 Rhoplex Fastrack 2706 Traffic Road Marking Paint
NW205 Rhoplex Fastrack 2427
NW207 Rhoplex Fastrack 53
NW209 Fastrack HD21A
Acrylic Polymer NWAER 18 EC1791 Roof coating, Excellent UV resistance and durability for aspheric, concrete, PUF and metal