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Worldwide Hybrid Nano Mineral Water Base Coating.

NWK 742 Wood

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Hybrid Nano Mineral Water-based coating product. NWK742 Wood is Anti insect and No spread flammable.


1) Mechanism adhesion type water-based hybrid material + Nano inorganic mineral(0.2um particle size)
2) One component / Aeration (One way permeability)
3) Low VOC, No Solvent, No Pot life, No Odor, No Bubble, No Peel out, No Toxic, No spread flammable, No Dangerous
4) Anti- Insect, Anti-Stain
5) Strong chemical resistance against Acid, Sodium, Alkali, Chloride
6) Very fast drying time from primer coating to top coating
7) Very strong durability and abrasion


NWK742 Wood: No Insect, No Bug, Water Repellant, No spread flame