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Worldwide Hybrid Nano Mineral Water Base Coating.

NWK 805

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NWK-805 is  a specially formulated special powder and gypsum based premixed dry blend and consist of a different size lightweight aggregate.
The different size lightweight aggregate ensures a NWK-805 with high thermal resistance and special powder and gypsum,  ensures with non-flammable.
This is a one pack product ready for onsite mixing only requiring the addition of water. When mixed with clean water, NWK-805 provides the optimum combination of workability and inherently stable and designed to reduce problems of micro cracks along with premature drying out. 


1.Non-flammable and insulation
2.Prevent the spread fire, smoke
3.Prevent hot gases through a building by containing it in the compartment of origin
    4.Maintain the integrity of escape routes from a building


    1. Thermal insulation or the elimination of cold bridging and/or condensation is desired.
    2. Problem solving to flammable such as Inner/external wall 
    3. Overall application to the external surface ensures the elimination of cold bridging and damage to the structure by thermal        
    4. Can perfectly be applied wall in new construction, renovation