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Worldwide Hybrid Nano Mineral Water Base Coating.

NWK 850

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NWK-850 is a binder based on selected low molecular and natural cured elastomeric structures. The same time as NWK-850 can be cured by a silicone condensation reaction with an alcohol catalyst at room temperature.NWK-850 meet the thermal stability requirements, with excellent adhesion, suitable for a variety of absorbent substrates, processing performance, electrical performance, non-sticky time.


Adhesion to various surface adsorption substrates is good.
Non-V.O.C, non-solvent and non-dangerous goods fast and seamless time.
Has long been anti-stick and anti-fouling.
Wood, concrete, cement, gypsum board and MDF waterproof anti-ultraviolet.
Metal anti-corrosion waterproofing agent.
Most of the glue can not be attached to glass, plastic, cement, concrete, metal and PVC and acrylic plate, gypsum board.
Even if attached, it will automatically drop.
Self-cleaning function: rain, the surface was rain cleaning.
Strong anti-ultraviolet.


NWK-850 can be reached in 60 minutes without drying, fully cured within 24 hours.
The same time as in the wide temperature range (-40 ~ 200 ℃), and long time temperature (200 ℃), under the good adhesion.
The same time as the surface to be applied should be clean, dry, oil free, dusty and other contaminants.