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Worldwide Hybrid Nano Mineral Water Base Coating.

NWK 850H

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Special polymers are used to create a hydrophobic surface that effectively prevents many different substances - e.g. adhesive, rubber, plastics or food - from sticking.
 By applying specific roughness profiles to the surface structure, the contact area is reduced and the nonstick properties enhanced.
NWK850H coatings improve the nonstick and sliding properties and provide corrosion protection for components. 
 A variety of different polymer and floor polymer coatings create an optimal characteristic profile for any application.


Ÿ1. Refuse Micro Dust
2. Very Low Maintenance cost
3. Easy Clean or Self Clean by rain
4. Corrosion protection increases the service life of machine and system components and reduce unnecessary machine downtime.
5. Speed up production processes and removes the constant need for Lubricants
6. Prevent adhesion, improve production processes and reduce the cleaning required for machine components



Application is as follows
1. Frying Pan
2. Seat Shells
3. Containers and Agitators
4. Bookbinding Machines
5. INK Pans
6. Surface Nozzles in film manufacturing
7. Caramel Candy
8. Pizza Cheese
9. Hydropower Plant
10. Automobile Tires
11. Hot Melt Adhesive Application Machines
12. Dry Food
13. Sanitary Pads/Pantry Lines
14. Non-Woven Materials
15. Cardboard Packaging Production
16. Coating on Motor Wing
17. Display Factory
18. Insulators
19. Film Packaging