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Worldwide Hybrid Nano Mineral Water Base Coating.

NWK 850H

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•Special polymers are used to create a hydrophobic surface that effectively prevents many different substances - e.g. adhesive, rubber, plastics or food - from sticking.  By applying specific roughness profiles to the surface structure, the contact area is reduced and the nonstick properties enhanced. •NWK850H coatings improve the nonstick and sliding properties and provide corrosion protection for components.   A variety of different polymer and floor polymer coatings create an optimal characteristic profile for any application.


Ÿ1. Refuse Micro Dust
2.  Easy Clean or Self Clean by rain
3.  High Gloss
4. Long Year Performance
5. 6H Hardness



Application is as follows
1. Passenger Car
2. Commercial Vehicle Bus or Truck