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Worldwide Hybrid Nano Mineral Water Base Coating.

NWK 870

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At the same time unique dual-action self-cleaning & Non Stick are located on the external glass pane. 1. The coating reacts with natural daylight to break down and loosen organic dirt. 2. When it rains, instead of forming droplets, the water spreads evenly over the surface of the glass, forming a thin film and helping to wash away any dirt and reduce streaks. 3. It gives excellent Non Stick function of Glass and don't allow micro dust on the glass surface.


1. Clear View than natural glass
2. Less reflective than natural glass


Using the pencil scratch method in accordance to Scratch Hardness is 6~7H, surpassing tint films which range from 3~4H.
It is able to self-level evenly on glass surfaces of any position with little effects to gravity. The self leveling process occurs during the first 5 minutes after it has been applied. Whether applied on a glass ceiling or wall, its performance remains the same.
The use of
nano sized ingredients make naturally clear and non-eflective. The coat also smoothesthe surface by filling up micro size pits and unevenness, enhancing the glass clarity further.
Self Clean
Dirty glass will be cleaned by rain.