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Worldwide Hybrid Nano Mineral Water Base Coating.

NWK 840

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NWK840C is designed as galvanized steel objects and structures. It combines a high level of corrosion resistance with advanced mechanical and degassing properties, excellent adhesion to substrate and inter-coat adhesion.   NWK840C gives efficient application, good edge coverage and provides a uniform flow.


1.Salt Spray Resistance(40micron)          700hours
2.Temperature(400℃)                            6hours
3. NON Stick Coating
4. Anti Stain Coating
5. Anti Dirty Coating
5. Self Clean Coating


Typical areas of application include building structures, agricultural machinery, steel fences, outdoor public areas and steel components present in coastal environments.
The overall quality of the coating system is largely dependent on the type and quality of surface preparation, pretreatment.  Recommended type of surface preparation is grit blasting which must be performed.  Grit blasted surfaces are suitable to provide a moderate level of protection.
For galvanized steel sweep blasting is recommended.
Chemical pretreatment
Available methods of pretreatment include zinc and iron phosphating and chromating of galvanized steel. Recommended types of pretreatment depend on specific design requirements and on the need for corrosion resistance.  
Curing schedule
Object temperature
Partial cure
130 °C
10 minutes*