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Worldwide Hybrid Nano Mineral Water Base Coating.

NWK450 Aerogel

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What is Aerogel? Developed by Steven Kistler in 1931, Aerogel contains air accounting for 98% of its volume between the loosely entangled SiO2 fibers and has excellent thermal insulation. The Best insulation developed by humankind It is NASA's most commonly used insulation material, applied to spacesuits and electronic parts for Mars surface exploration equipment. In Stardust, the material was used to collect dust particles of a comet. Excellent insulation, but high costs Despite its outstanding insulation performance, superior to that of other existing materials, Aerogel is not widely used in Korea due to high prices, due to the complex manufacturing process, and the monopolistic structure of the market in the country.



•High-purity silicic acid with 96% SIO2, which is non-flammable fabric exceeding the performance of existing asbestos products
•Glass fiber-based flame retarded fiber that can protect human health and prevent environmental pollution
•Optimal flame retardant cloth with excellent heat resistance, chemical resistance, and electrical insulation
•Ideal for firewalls preventing metal sparks and flammable slug.
•Class 1 flame-resistant product with excellent chemical resistance against organic solvents, acid, and alkali. 


Excellent insulation performance The insulation effect of Aerogel is 3 to 5 times higher compared to other materials, ensuring the same performance with a thinner layer. Excellent workability Based on mineral wool rather than glass wool, suitable for workers who are trying to avoid scattering glass fiber particles Excellent insulation with a thinner layer suitable for installation in confined spaces Soft and flexible with outstanding resilience. Reduced incidental costs Reduction in material volume, lowering transport, packaging and installation costs No breakage of Aerogel blanket and thermal shock, and saving consumption of subsidiary materials by 60% Available in rolls and cut in various forms, enabling efficient installation.



 Flame retardant cloth to prevent sparks during welding
•Fireproof gloves and clothing for safety of workers
•Insulation and sound absorption of automobile/vessel engines
•Welding flame prevention curtains for a steel mill
•Fireproof gloves and clothing for safety of workers​


Excellent insulation performance. Warm insulation – 3-5 times lower transfer coefficient than pearlite, calcium, silicate, rock wool or mineral wool. Cold insulation - 2-3 times lower heat transfer coefficient than rock wool or polyurethane (PU) Excellent durability, fire resistance, and heat-shielding performance. The aerogel blanket is available in roll-type for easy installation in any place.