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Worldwide Hybrid Nano Mineral Water Base Coating.

NWK AG 618

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Indoor and Outdoor Anti Graffiti and Anti Stain
1. Sufficient adherence without damage to substrates.
2.  Hydrophobicity(water-repellant).
3. Environmentally friendly composition and processing.
4. Resistance to UV aging and weathering.
5. Good cleaning efficiency.
6. Water base marker pen, Crayon pencil, Ballpen can be removed by dried towel or wet towel.
7. Oilmaker can be removed by only Alcohol.


Advantage of Anti-Graffiti/Anti-Stain Coatings are
1. Protect against Pollution, Acid rain, Carbonation.
2. Protect against Mold and Algae without Flaking, Peeling or Blistering.
3. Film resistant to UV light, Mineral Colors do not fade.
4. Incombustible producing no Smoke or Fumes.
5. As a natural mineral coating, Contains 30PPM VOC.
6. Environmentally friendl,  100% sustainable green products using only premium ingredients from nature.


1. 100% Inorganic clear coat.
2. Hybrid resin as clear coat.
3. Strong bonding to inorganic substrate