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Worldwide Hybrid Nano Mineral Water Base Coating.

NWK 910

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NWK-910VF is a single component, heat curing system(35mins with 130℃ OVEN), which is based on poly alkoxy-siloxane coatings.  
This is designed for corrosion protection with average 35~45micron thickness for metal and other surfaces.


① Metal, Pipe, and other surfaces
② Offshore structure, petrochemical facilities, bridges and in the power industry
③ Power plant cooling water pipelines, pipes, etc
④ 1.2kg of NWK910VF can coat 26~34㎡
   Thickness is max 35~45micron.


① Excellent Anti-corrosion, Acidity and Alkalinity resistance
② Excellent UV resistance
③ Heat Resistance up to 1000°C for 15min
④ Excellent Surface hardness