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Worldwide Hybrid Nano Mineral Water Base Coating.

NWK 742S

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Hybrid Nano Mineral Water-based coating product. NWK742 Aluminum is Colored Aluminum with water base coating.


1) Mechanism adhesion type water-based hybrid material + Nano inorganic mineral(0.2um particle size)
2) One component / Aeration (One way permeability)
3) Low VOC, No Solvent, No Pot life, No Odor, No Bubble, No Peel out, No Toxic, No Flammable, No Dangerous
4) Anti- Retardant, Anti-Stain
5) Strong chemical resistance against Acid, Sodium, Alkali, Chloride
6) Very fast drying time from primer coating to top coating
7) Very strong durability and abrasion


NWK742 Aluminum shows excellent performance for a long years against Corrosion.
NWK742 Aluminum has strong water repellant.