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Worldwide Hybrid Nano Mineral Water Base Coating.

NWK 742

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Hybrid Nano Mineral Water-based coating product NWK742 is Anti-Carbonization and Water Repellant and Permeability and Self-Clean for Indoor  Building and Flooring.


1) Mechanism adhesion type water-based hybrid material + Nano inorganic mineral(0.2um particle size)
2) One component / Aeration (One way permeability)
3) Low VOC, No Solvent, No Pot life, No Odor, No Bubble, No Peel out, No Toxic, No Flammable, No Dangerous
4) Anti- Retardant, Anti-Stain
5) Strong chemical resistance against Acid, Sodium, Alkali, Chloride
6) Very fast drying time from primer coating to top coating
7) Very strong durability and abrasion

NWK742 Flooring industry, ParticularlyNWK742 is suitable for Food Industry and Chemical Lab and Hospital and Meat Industry and Dairy industry and Pharmaceutical industry and Agrochemical industry and Clean rooms because of NO VOC and NO Smell and NO Solvent and No Pot Life and Strong Chemical resistance and Strong hardness and Long Durability.

*Flame Resistance test - This test is important for the food industry as per ISO requirement.
 For meet factory, they need to steam wash the floor and the wall, few times a day.
*Permeability Test-This test is important for the food industry as water is to be evaporated continuously.
*Water Resistant Test-All floors and walls must resist water, as they need to keep the floor and wall clean with no micro organism or bacteria retain after washing.


NWK742 General: Indoor Concrete & Cement Flooring, Indoor Wall Mineral Functional Coating Agent (IKEA MALAYSIA APPROVAL)