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Outdoor & Indoor Anti-Virus, Bacteria, Fungus, Flame-Resistant

Outdoor & Indoor Anti-Virus, Bacteria, Fungus, Flame-Resistant

NWK A-BMV shows excellent Anti Corona Virus, Bacterial, Fungus, Flame Resistant for 3years. NWK A-BMV has special egg shell inside coating resin. Egg shell generates continuously nano size oils in the air for 3years and kills most of Virus by means of atmospheric temperature.


Technical Summary

As a complex compound made up of Silicate + Modified Polydimethylsiloxane, Tio2, etc., it is a COVID19 sterilizer and an antibacterial (mold,bacteria), flame-retardant, and mineral coating agent.

It has eco-friendly substances with no smells and toxins. 

It is economical as the sterilization lasts for up to five years once coated.

Test Result

The result of the test done by KR BIOTECH Disease Control Research Institute, a Professional Virus-Testing Institute, confirmed that CV-19 perished by 91.749% (24hrs).(Jan. 8, 2021)

NWK A-BMV was registered USA FDA as Disinfectant of Medical Device(9.Mar.2021)

Registration Number:301091833


NWK A-BMV has different size Egg Shell.

Egg Shell generates continuously Nano size Oils in the air.  Nano size Oils kill Corona Virus in the air as well as surface at the same tme.

It works 3years.