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NWK Anti-Fabric Virus (Animal)

NWK Anti-Fabric Virus (Animal)

Egg Shell Nano Technology for
Anti-Microbial, Anti-Fungus, Deodorant and Insect Repellent
for Organic Poultry (No Need Vaccine)


<Egg Shell>

The sterilizing substance penetrates into germs and viruses and destroys and kills their protein structures.

  • Protecting poultry industry from Various virus and bacteria including Avian Influenza, Newcastle Virus, Salmonella, Infectious Bursal Disease, and etc.,

  • 100% Natural Substances.

  • Approved FDA, EPA, HALAL, Green Seal USA


1.Much reduce unhappy smell

2. No need Vaccine until broiler move out from chicken house.

3. Much reduce Diarrhea

4. Much reduce Mortality

5. Much reduce Mosquito, Mite, Fries

6. Increase lay egg production

7. Save money and labor hours

The main adavantage of our product over competitors are its much lower price than vaccines and its long-term effectiveness.


Avian Influenza - perished by 99% within 2 hours

Newcastle Virus - perished by 97.8% within 2 hours