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NWK900T(Fiber flame retardant)

NWK900T(Fiber flame retardant)

Dilution possible compound for Fiber flame retardant


NWK-900(T) is a compound of odorless solution with modified colloidal silica and phosphorous. NWK-900(T) is suitable for use as flame retarder for fiber, upholstery, etc..


- Inorganic – organic hybrid binder for fiber
- Anti soiling surface
- A flame retarder for fiber, textiles, etc
- Reinforcing organic polymer
- Modifying adhesion



- No blooming or flaking of the coats of paints and textured finishes
- Very versatile and compatible with various substrates
- Very economic because of its great stability and durability
- Enhances the tensile stress
- Protect for contraction
- Useful in waterborne applications such as acrylic and vinyl-acrylic caulks
- Could not bad effect for touch with treated fiber