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Indoor Multi Porous Non Flammable

Indoor Multi Porous Non Flammable

Non Flammable Paint with 1,200 C with 3mm for 120minutes


NWK800  Excellent Insulation paint is consisted of A(powder) and B (liquid) product which is main component 'Minerals' and 'Special additive' under optimum conditions. As construction, it could provide excellent Anti Corrosion and Anti Temperature for a long years. 


1. Excellent Anti Bacteria 99.9%
2. Anti Fungus 99.9%
3. Moisture Control
4. Excellent Deodorant like Ammonia, Formaldehyde, VOC, Benzene
5. Dew Condensation
6. Non Flammable like 1200C 3mm for 120mins


Non-toxic material containing such as formaldehyde, benzene etc. In the event of fire, it doesn't emit toxic gas. 
Superior Durability/ Abrasion Resistance/ Impact Resistance
It doesn't break easily or coming off despite of heavy weight. Compared with existing products.  It has superior abrasion resistance. 
Incombustibility (1'st grade)
As 1'st grade incombustibility, prevents loss of life and property from fire. 
Superior Adhesiveness / Gore-Tex Type Ventilation
Because of excellent ventilation, membrane coming off phenomenon by humidity hardly occur. 
Health Protection of Constructor/ Resident
Because of eco-friendly material, could protect constructor and resident from toxic gas and dust.
Long Life/ Resurface Convenience
As using inorganic materials (good for thermal expansion, shock absorption) which are identical with concrete ground, have a long life. Also, it could resurface conveniently.